Mushroom logs waiting for spawn!

We had to take down a rickety Bigleaf Maple cluster that’s too close to the garage and house site this week.  It had about a dozen trunks and most of them were at least 6″ in diameter – which is perfect for cultivating mushrooms.  So, as the tree trunks were felled, I asked that they be cleared of side branches and chopped into smaller lengths and set aside.  I stacked them yesterday off the ground to keep them from getting contaminated with wild fungi.  I will have about twice this many once the other trunks are cleaned up and cut, but that will have to wait until we can get the chainsaw chain sharpened up again.

ImageThe logs will need about three weeks to allow the anti-fungal properties to decay, and then they can be plugged with spawn.  I have regular oyster mushroom spawn, a low temp blue-grey oyster spawn, and some shitake spawn to plug them with.  It is possible that we might get a few Oyster mushrooms by the spring!  The shitake will probably take a year, though, but you never know.  We might get a few next spring as well.  At any rate, the logs should produce for 3-4 years once colonized, so this is a long term project.  I want to eventually have several dozen going at any one time, and this will be a good start.