Coop run is finally starting to take shape


Because we have mountain lions, bobcats and bears (oh, my!) we need a secure and covered chicken run attached to the new coop so the chickens can get out for fresh air and exercise while still being protected.  We  are building one this week in the hopes that the older hens can go out into it by the end of the coming weekend.  The plan is to put a solid heavy duty plywood roof on it, and then waterproof that with metal roofing.  The sides will be heavy duty 2 x 4 mesh stock fencing with galvanized hardware cloth over that to the first supports, and a buried apron of it around the perimeter to prevent digging.  All soffits will either becovered with solid wood or hardware cloth.


The coop already has a locking door to the outside and we are planning to cover the badly-cut door on the side with a layer of heavy plywood, then cut out a more even new door to replace it.  The eventual plan calls for an autumatic door and opener, but it may be a while before we pick one out.  In the meantime, the new laying boxes should be coming in soon and we got the parts to make an automatic watering bucket.

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