We just had a really shed-y weekend

Ok, bad pun. But we bought two sheds this weekend, including one which is 8 x 12, and spent a lot of time getting it to the property and a gravel pad in place to hold it up off the ground before it arrived.  I think we all did a great job.  Here is the final product, set into place on Sunday…


We also bought a used chicken coop on Saturday. This coop came with five 5 month old pullets, which are just beginning to lay.  Here are some pictures of the three breeds we have in that batch…




And here is a shot of Will, the Chicken Whisperer, hand feeding the new girls. We got three eggs yesterday, and already had one when I left for work this morning at 6am, so they are settling in really well.


The Dorking chicks are doing well – no losses so far and it appears we have 8 little hens and two roosters in the batch.


So that’s all the latest happenings here!  Stay tuned for more fun later this week as we get the new coop set up.


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