No house yet, but we do have a tractor


We are still waiting to emerge victorious from the labyrinthine Washington state permitting process for home construction and site prep, but in the meantime we now have our own tractor!   After looking at what it was going to cost us to hire some of the work we need done and rent a tractor long enough to do the rest ourselves while working full time (which means we’d probably need it two or three times longer just to accommodate our work schedules) we decided to bite the bullet and buy a used tractor with at least some of the implements we will be needing to tame down some of the areas we want to put into orchards, gardens and pastures for our small livestock.   It made more sense from a time management perspective as well.  Now any time we have an extra couple of hours, we can go work on the hugelkultur beds, set some more fence posts, clear out some more blackberries, or work on some swales and terraces instead of having to spend that same amount of time driving to rent someone else’s tractor.

I am looking forward to learning how to drive it, and hope to be able to help put in some of our first hugelkultur beds within the next couple of weeks.  I have to do something – I started a bunch of fall greens yesterday!


2 thoughts on “No house yet, but we do have a tractor

  1. Hey, Michelle – hugelkultur means “mound culture” and it’s a special kind of raised gardening bed that has a layer of wood at the bottom of the bed trench to provide drainage, water reserves, and after a while, organic matter to the plants being grown in it.

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