Working from “home” in the middle of the forest.

As I take a quick break to type in this post, I am currently sitting in the middle of the forest, working from “home.” Although our internet is rather marginal (slowish dsl coming into the old homesite, where a usable phone line was found), it works well enough that we can both confidently use it for our remote jobs at the same time.

It’s amazing how little you really need, short term, to conduct some semblance of “business as usual” in the middle of the woods.  We have our little travel trailer set up here, functioning as our home base.  Jim has power hooked up to the old house site, so we have full electrical support on hand to run out to the trailer.  The well has been repaired and is operational, so we also have plenty of water.  The old house site has a 4 bedroom working septic, and we bought a 25 gallon “honey wagon” on our last trip, so we can dump the black and grey water tank whenever we need to by filling it and hauling it downhill a bit to the main septic tank to dump.  We could easily stay here for a month or more without much else in the way of support and utilities.  Towards the end of the housebuilding phase, we may do just that.

So, Jim has set up his office at the dining room table this morning and is conducting business from there.  I have set up my work laptop on a small side table near the main seating area, and am working on my programming tasks from here.  It is still raining outside, more lightly today than yesterday, however, and with the high humidity it is a bit chilly.  We are both wearing warm layers to help compensate, and I just set up a tiny ceramic heater to help take a bit more of the edge off the chill.  I am going to boil some water for tea, check on the batch of fermenting blackberry leaves I started yesterday, and then go for a walk later during my lunch break.  Maybe I will see some deer or some grouse, maybe not. Then I will come back and do the same stuff I do every work day.  So in many respects it is just a normal day.  But the peace and quiet here, working from home or not, is something I could really get used to.


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