Baby season

Well, it is apparently “baby season” here.  Today we saw another ruffed grouse – this one with a couple of really tiny fluffball chicks following her!   And later, to our delight, a doe with a brand new wobbly fawn at her side.


It is difficult to see them because we are so far away and it was raining, but here is a picture of the pair.  Here is another.


We didn’t want to frighten them too badly, so we stayed back and just let them wander their way back into the woods when they were ready.  They headed off into the area close to where the new house site will be located, which coincidentally is where the trailcam is set up.  Could this be the obviously pregnant doe we saw in the trailcam pics when we retrieved the card a couple of days ago?

We plan to check the trailcam again in another day or so.  Maybe we will see mama and baby again in the next batch of pictures!

Update:  saw a doe and fawn pair again on the road today (May 27)  It’s hard to say if it’s the same set we saw yesterday, or if it’s another duo.  There are probably a fair number of deer on the place, so I think either is just as likely.


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