First real trail cam pics from the property!

It took a few days after we and the loggers left, but wildlife is beginning to return to certain areas of the property, it seems.  And while we haven’t seen pictures of our suspected black bear yet, we did find these beauties waiting for us!


This looks to be a night picture of pregnant Columbia Blacktail doe.  I have heard from another western WA resident that the does have begun in some areas to drop their new fawns for the year.  I suspect this one may have already done so, as this picture is about a week old now.


This looks to be an adult deer, feeding in the clearing where the new house will be.  This one looks to possibly be an adult male, who is just beginning to grow back his antlers for the fall breeding season.  We thought it might be the pregnant doe from the earlier night time picture, but now that we’re pretty sure those are horn buds, that kind of disproves that theory…


Although we are not completely sure this isn’t the same deer as in the previous photo, we think it is a different one.  It is lighter in color, and more slender.  It is, however, another buck if it is a different deer.  You can see the horn buds pretty clearly on this one.


This is a picture of a mother coyote with her two pups.  This was a bit of a surprise, but we did know there were coyotes in the area, so it probably shouldn’t have been.


Here is the same picture with the pups circled in red, to help with spotting them both. I can hardly wait to see what we capture on the trail cam this week!


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