New toy – a Trail Cam!

Aramis coming out the back door - again.

Our male cat, Aramis, apparently likes to go outside at night – a lot.

Yesterday, we received in the mail our newest toy – a Moultrie trail cam.  Jim picked up batteries for it on the way home from teaching last night, and before we went to bed we attached it to a tree just outside the back door, aimed right at our doggie door.  I figured we’d have maybe eight or ten pictures this morning, but we actually found FIFTY on the card when we retrieved it!  Apparently our back dog and cat door sees a lot more activity than we realized.

For instance, our male cat, Aramis, who is seen in the picture to the left, seems to go in and out of the door about every hour or so.  I should have realized this, because during the night he most often can be found sleeping on my hip.  He doesn’t sleep the night through, though – he is a cat after all and cat naps more than sleeps for long periods of time.  He generally leaves me several times during the night and I have usually been able to tell what the weather is like outside from his condition when he returns.  I’ve referred to him for years as my “Weather Cat” because as the old joke goes “if he’s cold, it’s cold outside, if he’s wet, it’s raining, if he’s got little ice balls on his fur, it’s snowing, if he’s all ruffled up, it’s windy…”  Since he immediately jumps up on me as soon as he returns, I generally get an all night long weather cat report on outside conditions.  (Luckily I am always able to go back to sleep quickly each time, or I’d be a mess every day and he’d be locked out of our room at night.)

Back to the trail cam report…  According to the time on each photo, Aramis went outside at 11:33pm, 11:56pm, 12:04 am, 1:46am (cat-napped on mama for a short time, apparently), 4:13am (bit longer cat-nap on mama), 5:12 am and 5:16am.   Gudgekin only went out twice that we could see, and seems to have stayed out longer each time.  The pups went out once in the night and once early in the morning around 5ish.  We need a revolving cat and dog door, apparently.  I wonder if they make that kind.

We’ll keep the trail cam on for the next few days until we leave on our next trip to Washington, and learn how it works and what kind of photos and videos it can display.  We plan to leave it near some of the trails once we get out there again, and each time we return, retrieve the photos so we can see what kind of information we can gather on the animals living on the new place.  I suspect we will find that there is a lot more activity than we expected out there, too!


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