Some of the fun stuff!

Besides packing and cleaning and working two jobs, there are some fun parts to this whole move.  Well, besides getting to go out and romp around on our new acreage.  🙂

One of the fun parts is picking out what kind of interior we want to have in our new home.  We’re buying a manufactured home which will be made to order once we have the construction financing and permits in place.  So one afternoon last week, we met with the manufacturer – Kit Homes – for a tour of their facilities and a chance to look at paint, cabinet, floor, door and counter swatches.  Here is what we picked out.  Image

The cabinet door at the bottom of the pile is the color our kitchen and bathroom cabinets will be.  We could have ordered different colors in each of the rooms, but I really wanted the whole house to coordinate and look like a harmonious whole.  And the color is lovely – a nice reddish brown called “Red Provincial.”  The laminate flooring will also be warm reddish-brown, and a shade or two lighter than the cabinets.

The other swatches are the linoleum flooring for the bathrooms and utility room, and the formica counter tops in the bathrooms and in the offices (We’re having built in desks done to save space and keep the harmonious look to the new place going into the office areas.)  The lighter colored marbled block is the kitchen counter top we picked out.  It’s called “Canterbury” quartz, and it’s gorgeous.  It’s hard to see in the photo, but it has small copper flecks running throughout.  I think that will pick up the reddish color of the kitchen cabinets nicely.

The linoleum we picked out is called “Magma” but we’ve nicknamed it “Chameleon” because no matter what color wood you put it next to, it just works.  Knotty light pine, honey oak, walnut, Red Provincial cabinets, maple – it looks fabulous next to all of them and each brings out a different set of colors in the tile.  The smallest swatch is the interior wall color.  We picked a creamy white for the walls, because with all of the darker materials we wanted those to be bright.

We decided not to have carpets in the new house.  For one thing, carpets are actually pretty nasty – if you lift one up after it’s been installed for a few years, you will see enough filth underneath it to keep you from ever wanting to sit or lay on one again!  For another, it would be hard to keep them clean with all of the indoor/outdoor trekking that will probably be going on.  And, lastly, it’s hard for pets and spills to ruin a carpet if you don’t have any!  We do plan to have room size rugs, but the nice thing is you can move those to clean underneath, and if something trashes it, you can replace it.

So, it’s not all work, work, work here, just almost all work, work, work as we prepare to move to our new life in a few short months.  Oh, and we close on the property tomorrow.  🙂  So that’s definitely going to be a cause for celebration!

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