Packing and labeling boxes means – we’re moving!

I think it’s finally beginning to sink in that we are really going to do this, because all of a sudden I’m getting the urge to pack.

The plan:  Over the next four months, I’m going to go through each room separately and pack up and label all the stuff I want to take.  (We’re hoping to get rid of around half of everything we own at this point in our lives…we just have way too much stuff for the new house.) All the stuff I don’t want to take will then be sorted into two piles – “throw away” and “give away.”  Might be a bit backwards, but it’s working so far!  I went through my part of our bedroom last week and this week I’m doing the greenroom and the office.  Hopefully, I’ll have these two rooms under control by the end of the weekend.  For now I’m leaving boxes in the rooms in which they were packed, but soon we will begin to empty out the den and that will become our boxes staging area.

It will be good for us to pare things down.  We moved here with two household’s worth of “stuff” and kept most of it.  Now we have another 9 years worth of combined “stuff” added on top of that.  The current house is pretty big – with the garage it is around 3000 square feet.  The new house will be around 2400, and that’s including the front porch.  Luckily, we’re going to be able to use one of the bedrooms as a storage room, so that will help.  But each of us need to take the time to thoughtfully go over what we own and reduce it to the point that it will fit in our own closets, and not spread out over the house or clog up the main storage room, which is mostly going to be dedicated to pantry and kitchen tools.

I’m hoping that the further we get into this phase, the easier it will be to keep the house in good shape for showing.  Right now it’s kind of hopeless.  :-/


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