It suddenly occurred to me today…

… that we as a family are about to begin one of the greatest adventures of our lives (well, except for finding each other and becoming a family in the first place) yet, we haven’t been keeping a real record of what we’re doing thus far.  I want to remedy this oversight – hence, this blog.

ImageJim and I always hoped eventually to buy some land and move to live on it permanently “some day.”  But an amazing set of circumstances during the past year has allowed us to not only find a nearly perfect piece of property for our needs, but also allowed us to move to live on it far sooner than we would have ever believed possible.

This is our story.  This is our adventure.  This is our new life.  I hope this blog will allow us to share that new life with family and friends as well as others who also share our dream of living and working in the forest.


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